The government of Amite City is a mayor – council form of government. The mayor is elected at large and there are five councilpersons who represent a specific district in Amite City. The City Council is led by the Mayor Pro Tem.

For town services and permits, you can visit Amite City Hall which is located at 212 E. Oak Street in Amite. The City Hall’s phone number is 985-748-8761.

Amite City Council Meetings are held at Amite City Hall on the second Tuesday of every month.

Walter Daniels was appointed mayor of Amite City in 2020, following the death of long-time mayor Buddy Bel, and was then elected later that year. He is the first black mayor for the Town of Amite City.

Lendrick Francois was elected Chief of Police in late 2020 after serving for a number of years as Assistant Chief. Lendrick is a lifelong resident of Amite, and a graduate of Amite High School and Southern University.

The City Council members are as follows:

Kris Hart Mayor Pro Tem – District 1

Jonathon Foster Councilman – District 2

Emanuel Zanders III Councilman - District 3

Damon Ellzey Councilman - District 4

Rose Sumrall Councilperson - District 5

For more information on Amite City Government, please click here to go to their website.

Amite City Mayor Walter Daniels
Amite City Chief of Police Lendrick Francois