T. J. Reid

Marketing and Events Director

When I moved to Amite City fifty years ago, as Larry’s wife, I fell in love with him and the community. The people were so welcoming and friendly, that it wasn’t long before Rose Sauls had me in the Stem and Stamen Garden Club, and Ann Labarbera and Ann Webb got me into The Jaycee Jaynes. I don’t remember who convinced me to join the fair board. I had friends like Patsy Gray, Audrey Murrell, Betty Harrelson, Jo Anne Reed, all of whom encouraged me, and gave me the confidence that I could succeed as an entrepreneur, opening a clothing store. And soon it happened.

Joe Buddy and Karen, Buddy and Claire, Bud and Carroll, and Vince and Ann, were part of the young business community that made Amite City begin to grow and prosper. We networked and shared our customers, promotions, and city-wide events. Fifty years later, I feel this happening again, and I am so pleased to be part of the Chamber, which is supporting new retail stores, restaurants, and services beginning in our town. Mayor Buddy Bel is helping to make our dream of success come true, and we are suddenly on the map again in Tangipahoa Parish.

I retired last year after being a magazine editor for 28 years, publishing nearly 200 magazines. I thought I was finished, but I had a strong desire to introduce Amite City to not only tourists, but to our own locals, through a magazine of valuable information and memories and the website. This includes a listing of many needed services, and the website is filled with facts and useful information for locals as well as visitors.

The Amite City Chamber of Commerce is always ready to serve you if. If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to call us as we are here to help.

Carol Brooke

Administrative Assistant

Born and raised in Amite City, Carol Brooke is a much loved and valued member of our community. She attended Amite High School, and then went on to attend both Florida Parishes Vocational and Southeastern Louisiana University. Carol is married to Robert Brooke, owner of Brookeside Pools. She is the mother of three, and has thirteen grandchildren who are often heard saying “Can I go to Nanny’s?” She and her family attend Cornerstone Church of Amite.

Carol has long been an active member in a variety of Amite events, taking on leadership positions and offering her time in order to serve the town she loves so well. She has been a member of the Chamber for 20 years, serving as President, Vice-President, and Treasurer at various times. For the past 24 years, she has served on the Amite Oyster Festival board, speaking on news channels and in clubs to promote the festival. Carol works closely with Amite Mayor Buddy Bel and City Coordinator Vince LaBarbera on “Amite Pride” projects, bringing a fresh wave of inspiration and community to our beloved town.

Carol has been in the newspaper business for over thirty-five years, and won an astounding 500 awards during her career, including winning the prestigious Newspaper of the Year award twice. She also serves as the Secretary for the Recreation District #3 Board.

Carol brings fresh ideas, passion, and innovation with her wherever she goes; some suspect she has a secret bottle of energy and kindness stashed away in her purse. We are proud to have her as a valued member of the Amite City Chamber of Commerce.